What is Blackjack Tell?

As in any game that involves misdirection and mistakes, blackjack also has its own tells. The only difference is that the Tells in blackjack come from a wider variety of sources. A Tell is an unintended or unconscious transfer and communication of information to those people who that information is being kept or hid from because they might use it against you. In other words, Tells in blackjack help you to keep an eye on you dealer so that you can arrange your cards and plan your moves against him or her effectively. Although many players in a blackjack game have tells, their tells can never be as good as the dealer`s tells because of their expertise and savvy.

Tells and Dealers

Spotting a dealer`s tell is quite a complicated task, but with time and with practice, one gains mastery and can be able to do this as blackjack player. Dealers in blackjack games are also human beings and therefore despite the fact that they are experts in this field and play more hands than the ordinary gamblers, they still have some limitations. It is for this reason that most dealers in blackjack games also have and rely on tells. One of the most common but yet an unintentional dealer Tell is based on humanity limitations. This dealer Tell is spotted when a dealer in a blackjack game accidentally shows their face down card. There are many ways through which you can spot a Dealer’s tell as you are playing blackjack game.

One of the most common ways is to keenly examine the ace card that your dealer is holding in their hands. A dealer needs to examine this card before they can use it to play. This is because the numbers two and six have similar tops and therefore a dealer has to check so as to confirm which number is on the ace card. During this confirmation, pay attention so as to get a Tell that will help you in planning your next move against that dealer. There are also cards like the jack and queen that are always distinct from the rest of the cards and have the same value in any hand. Examining these cards can also give you a Tell. However, you must realize that watching your dealer constantly like a hawk is surely not a guarantee that you are going to be the winner of a black jack game in the end. Actually, nothing at all in blackjack, will guarantee the emergence of either you or a dealer as the winner.

To win a blackjack game, you just need to ensure that you have a good betting system and an exceptional card counting skill. These are way better than examining your opponent psychologically throughout the game. This psychological examination should only be restricted and aimed at trying to figure out which hands your particular dealer plays. Lastly, you also need to ensure that you are fully aware on how many decks are in play at the table.

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