Women and Blackjack

Since blackjack game became one of the most popular card games in the world, a lot of bettors and professionals appeared. It is no surprise that most blackjack players, professionals and authors of most blackjack books are men. But there are also a lot of women who play blackjack.

Blackjack Women Players

  • Eleanor Dumont

    Eleanor Dumont was the first professional in the history of Blackjack. During 1854 she opened "Vingt-Et-Un" Blackjack casino in Nevada, California. The Nevada City's miners even said that it was better to lose to Dumont than win against anybody else.

  • Cathy Hulbert

    Cathy Hulbert lived in New York City and in 1976 she moved to Vegas. She wanted to become a Poker player professional. Later she worked in casino as a Blackjack dealer. Since that time her life was changed. During that time she met a man who helped her to become a member of the team named "The Czechs". The team traveled around Europe. They played and won in many European Blackjack casinos.

    Then, Cathy came to the U.S again. There she became one of the best Blackjack players in Ken Uston's famous Blackjack team.

    Later, she left Blackjack and returned to Poker. She wrote "Outplaying the Boys: Poker Tips for Competitive Women". Also she created the internet site called Poker4Girls.com.

  • Alice Walker

    During 2006 Alice Walker won National 3-Card Poker Championship. And also she was the winner of World Series of Blackjack in 2007 and won $500,000.

Online Blackjack Women Players

It is no wonder that nowadays women occupied almost, if not all, fields of life. Online gambling is nor an exception either. Since online casino games became available on the internet, the amount of casino players became much higher. And statistics says that there are a lot of women who play Blackjack. Moreover, you can see women names at the top of Tournament chart.

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