Cathy Hulbert

In the year 1960 and 1970, Cathy Hulbert was the first to be honored as a proficient poker player. In year 1996, she also got enrolled as the first female to make space in the first seven proficient poker player. Before becoming a proficient player in poker she also got honored as proficient player of game blackjack. She was the 1st women to travel across the globe and honored as proficient card counter female.

She has also earned fame as a member of the group Ken Uston. Even after being restricted from casinos at numerous occasions because of intruding, she did not get restricted. She also imitated a man by putting on wig and beard in casinos to be identified as a male. She started with the game blackjack in the year 1986, hence forth in the guidance of David Heyden & Rick Greider, the two famous seven card players, she learnt the poker techniques.


Today Cathy has a site developed which talks about the poker articles & associated news and techniques. She recently made it to the travel channel "Las Vegas: Gambling with Pro's".The event was to reveal the proficient gamblers life and their techniques in use.

She is now into helping women learn the poker game and offers different technique lessons in and around the tricks of poker.

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