Chinese Blackjack

The term Chinese Blackjack also referred as 'Ban-Luck" to Singaporeans, is immensely appealing game as it provides equal scopes and opportunities between players and dealer. The reason being both payouts and the rules of scoring rules is similar for both the parties and thus makes the game exponentially simple. In situations like if dealer wishes you opt for hitting cards before he reveals the players hand then the rule even lies to the player.

On the contrary, the house advantage of dealer is exclusively from the ability to that of divulging the player's hand before hitting. Moreover the dealer gets the benefit of first beat the hands that are prone to be weak and eventually being busted. Most importantly he will be able to deal and make up on a stronger hand in the further dealings.


With inquisitiveness, we considered the techniques and strategies of Chinese blackjack. Most of the techniques used by players in blackjack is ought to have less impact reason being the limited and restricted trait of game. The game revolves around drawing minimum of 16 cards, in such situation the game draws eventually. The sole exclusion is the situations of a soft hand over an Ace. Even though it requires a little more research on it statistically, we presume hitting will bring in better results. There is less potential of improving on hand, the major issue is always to amaze the dealer's opposite by making him trust that you own busted hand.

Being a dealer, no space is there to carry out a technical analysis of game. It is however potential to calculate using the extended simulation of Monte Carlo simulations. Potential of 4 with 3 card being busted presuming the essential hit till 16 rule. Moreover few calculation power and pre calculating table, it is potential to get and achieve the odds of a hand of the player who are superior of yours. Also odds of the card being drawn will be improving the hand, with the divulged hands. There are confusions around the feasibility and viability of such rules with implementations.

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