Cards Counting History

Casino card counting differs from many other gambling systems in mathematically based strategies used in it, giving a player an advantage over the casino. Whether it is one of the winning strategies or a cheating method, Blackjack card counting has its own colorful and rich history.

Blackjack Card Counting History

The discoverer of card counting is Edward Thorp. But he didn't invent this famous Blackjack winning "strategy" and he wasn't the first player who used a card counting in order to get an edge over the house. He is the author of one of the most famous gambling books which went down in the gambling history - "Beat the Dealer". So, all modern card counting system and methods are originating from this book.

Jess Marcum is one of the earliest card counters. He is described as a player who developed the first point-count full-fledged system for playing and winning Blackjack. Also, Joe Bernstein considered an Ace counter.

At the times when card counting was first introduced, such great blackjack players as Al Francesco, Ken Uston and Tommy Hyland have been successful.

During the 1970s- 80s with technological development more advanced card counting systems appeared. But despite this fact many players who use card counting agree that simpler and less advantageous systems are more effective.

Card counting is a system of probabilities with a help of which one who uses it can know what cards are left and what had been played.

Card counting can cut the revenue of the casino. Some experts say that it can range as 6% of the house edge. So, it is no wonder that all casinos are opposed to card counting since they first appeared in the 60s.

Card Counting Legality

If the card counting is used together with some computerized device, than, of course it is illegal. But if one uses his/ her brain for card counting, it is legal. For example, the Atlantic City low says that the card counting is legal ( the casinos in Atlantic City make the game more complicated using 8 decks and lower deck penetration). But the trick is that any casino has a right to turn one out of the casino. And also they can arrest if one returns again to the same casino.

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