Ken Uston

Apart from being an intellectual businessman, Ken Uston (1935-1987) played casino every oweekend. He was also famous as an excellent card counter by the dealers of Blackjack.

Early days

In the early days of his life, he made to Yale and eventually went to Harvard to complete his MBA, following which he emerged as an unbeaten businessman and flourishing as the superior Vice-President of the stock exchange of Pacific. He has always preferred blackjack and thus could easily be discovered a casinos enjoying blackjack.

The beginning

For the period of 1970's, he was devoted to tea, card and the counting procedures in the world of casinos and made ample sum of finance. He also gambled for $12,000 and won them however the excellence of his expertise made him go restricted by casinos. However it could get his effort go down but he emerged as the sole excellent blackjack player and an expert to deal any circumstance.

He hides his identity and wins through various casino games and made great sum of money. His expertise was at par the perfection of casino games and he set benchmarks to others by implementing master techniques.

Putting his grievance forward Ken Uston also knocked the legal doors stating that no one should be forbidden from casinos because of card counting. The Court of New Jersey stood beside Ken Uston following which the casinos came up with changing the rules and forced to increase both house edge and the decks in casino games.

Ken Uston has been an author of books on computers, video games, blackjack and lot others. There were few which gained immense appreciation.

He got heart attack in the year 1987 aged 52 and was found in his flat in Paris i.e. in France.

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