Monica Reeves

Born in the year 1972, Monica Reeves is a renowned proficient player of blackjack and Poker from Ontario City at Oakville.

She started her career as a model and then her betting career in the year 2005, under guidance of the famous poker gamer Jim Worth. Past nine months, she began to play the game proficiently and got ranked as eighth in poker showdown of St. Marten Spring, 114th in Aruba Poker Classics & backed first position in Bellagio with $1k cash in the year 2006.


In the preface tournament Reeves also won fourth position in tour of Ultimate Blackjack, CBS aired the blackjack tournament for 10 weeks. Moreover she also secured second position in the even for ladies. She is ranked as one of most endorsed pros in tour of Ultimate Blackjack.

Up till the year 2008, her whole live tournament prize money surpassed the value $40,000.

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