Peter Griffin

Peter Griffin, born in the year 1937 and being the mastermind of statistics, was the one who initiated the shortcuts of understanding the complex statistics brought forward the arithmetic's to get better understanding of the counting system of Blackjack Cards.

Frank Loxley Grifin was the grandfather of Peter who was also a famous mastermind. He was first to bring in the prospective benefits from the card counting with two different aspects: One is betting correlation and the other one is playing efficiency. The two aspects play significant role in exploring and discovering the probability of winning in any gamble spread, without have to depend on any PC model.

He even brought forward the techniques in understanding the methods and estimating the changes between the single & multi level of counting system.


He has backed numerous accomplishments however the potential of American's public to play and win blackjack was the most interesting one. He got the detailed survey on the Reno blackjack gamblers or Las Vegas to ascertain the winning potential. He had a complete understanding of blackjack game by taking a note in notepad and ascertaining the strategy using mathematical approach.

It took a lot of time, effort and endeavor however his derivation gave us the number i.e. 2% as the average disadvantage of the game blackjack to casino.

He also carried on as a facilitator in the Casino entertainment Harrah institute to teach the arithmetic's and statistic of betting. He was deeply in love with statistics and he alone made it to twenty different courses. He made students go fascinated with the stories of gambling, casinos and also cards counting.

In the year 1991, the milestone book of Griffin was added with extra material: betting Ramblings. The book came in with some more added concepts and strategies which included proportional gambling, games which have variable payoff and changes on rebates over losses.

Since the year 1978, the book is frequently used by researchers in blackjack, it was found that irrespective of how complex the circumstance will be, it could be easily divided on PE and BC and accordingly an answer can be ascertained. Following which the proportional value can also be ascertained.

There were technical papers on statistical journals which got published by Griffins.

He also had been devoted to bicycling and a keen walker (he too made it to south rim to north rim with in a day). Also he traveled through the globe with his spouse, Lydia, getting knowledge on languages like German, Spanish & Italian. In year 2003, he was made a member of Blackjack hall of fame for his immense contribution and effort towards the game and its strategies.

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