Professional Gamblers: Names and Achievements

If you was asked the name the most popular card game of the 21st century what would be your answer? We bet it is poker! Today poker is played literary by everyone – men, women, even children! It is a common practice for families to get together at the night and try out their gambling skills against each other. For most part of poker gamblers the poker gambling overs at this point, but for other, like Vanessa Selbst, it is just a beginning. They start to play online poker, poker at traditional casinos, and even at tournaments!

Women Players

Just a few decades ago poker was known as the game which was played by men only. But today everything has changed. You will find a great number of women players, such as Vanessa Rousso who regularly take part at the world poker tournaments playing along with men. They win as often as men do, and in fact you will easily find a lot of women players who are better than men. Besides, some of their names you will find at the list of blackjack players. This information just proves that women do can be great gamblers.

As you can see, women players are good not only at implementing online poker strategy at or some other site, as they also play poker at face-to-face tournaments. Watching their style of gambling you begin to understand that rumors about disability of women to keep their emotions under control are just rumors. Still, we do not deny the fact that many women enjoy playing poker games online at the best online poker sites, and you can find their names at the list of the best online players. So do not be surprised if you see the woman at the poker table as they will be equal rival to anyone!

Biggest Winners

As poker is not the game of luck (especially comparing to roulette or slots), you won’t find random names at the list of the players who were able to win a lot. All of them worked really hard to achieve those results. Some of them played at online casinos, other participated in the tournaments. You can look though the poker winners toplist to see that everything is possible, especially if you talk about playing poker.

If this article has inspired you to play poker games, do not forget that everything begins with the basics. So start with learning poker rules and do not forget to look through the online poker tips, and you will be able to make your first steps in gambling. Do not be afraid to lose, as this is only the part of gambling, and even such players as Monica Reeves experienced losses. Continue to master you skill, and do not forget that knowledge of the game just make you a good player.

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