Blackjack with Progressive Jackpot

Just like any other board game, blackjack is interesting when played by itself but the fun can be increased when certain factors are included, for instance the progressive jackpot. A blackjack with progressive jackpot refers to a scenario whereby, with every game played the value of the jackpot increases. The jackpot is usually linked to a small network of machines, which explains why the value of the jackpot increases bit by bit every time a person plays. Blackjack with progressive jackpot can either be played online or at a casino depending on the preference of a player. The two places have no big difference only that at a casino there are a wide range of video poker machines that you can choose from to play your blackjack and this is also evident when it comes to online casinos, which have progressive jackpot or video blackjack.

How to Win Progressive Jackpot?

So in order to win a progressive jackpot, a player needs to bet on the maximum bet and also play the maximum number of hands that is allowed. Although this number varies in different casinos. Regular blackjack is not that different from progressive jackpot because the rules are the same. The only difference being that in progressive jackpot blackjack, a participant is allowed to bet an extra $1 in order to emerge the winner. The reason why the bet remains at $1 is to allow additional chances to the players to win the additional payouts. There is usually a specific procedure that is used to play progressive blackjack, which is as follows; a player is supposed to place their regular bet together with the bonus bet of $1. The progressive or bonus bet is won when the dealing of the first cards is made up of consecutive aces and that the payout will also differ when it comes to the combinations of progressive aces.

Variants of Payouts

A player who has 4 black aces and 4 red aces is most likely to win the jackpot; this is an example of the payout for which some extra-money can be paid. That player can win $2500 when he has 3 suited aces and $1500 when they have 4 unsuited aces. Other combinations are also covered for whereby the players can win smaller amounts for instance combinations like 2 suited aces, 2 unsuited aces, and 3 unsuited aces. However, the rules still remain similar in that the player is required to stand at 17 or draw up to 17 or higher. Participating in blackjack with progressive jackpot is beneficial in most cases because the jackpots can increase to significant amounts. For instance, some of the progressive blackjack games have been seen to increase up to $150,000 and even more. There are no skills to learn and extra rules to follow; you are only required to bet $1 and play to win hoping that you will get the best combination of aces. However, some people may be afraid of playing for real money on their first game. You don’t have to worry no more because you can now play blackjack with progressive jackpot for free just to test the different techniques and also to get the rules straight so that you don’t meet any challenges when playing for real money.

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