Top 3 Table Games in US online casinos

While online casinos have managed to keep people who go to the casino to have fun interested in games by introducing new ones, re-inventing existing games and using different themes and colors, it seems people have their mind set on what games to play whenever they walk into a casino.  Having analyzed the complete list of US casinos and the latest statistics published by Statistic Brain, we can prove that the top casino games today are the same that have always been on the list. 

Best of Games

1. Blackjack

Blackjack, popularly called 21, is the de facto Las Vegas quintessential casino gambling experience that makes an evening full of fun and unforgettable gambling joy .  If you ever go to Las Vegas, Atlantic City or just visit any of the online casino web-sites, and want to start with a fun and memorable table game, then Blackjack is your game.  The objective of the game for the player is to get a 21-valued hand or closer to 21 than the dealer’s hand without exceeding 21. Blackjack is a simple, fun game that requires strategy and experience to be perfect.

2. Craps

The second most popular game in US online casinos is craps.  If you have ever been to a lively casino, the table that often makes the loudest noises cheering and screaming is a craps table.  In online casinos, craps operators are offering quite overwhelming  3d videos and graphics. This is a fun and simple to play game that involves guessing numbers and betting on them.  Although the game is characterized by many betting options, you can still try it for the first time and enjoy making simple bets you understand.  Just learn the basics about craps, game play and rules and you will be on your way to playing and loving one of the most popular, social and dynamic casino games today.

3. Roulette

Roulette happens to be the most popular casino game in the world at the moment, but this is disputable.  When you learn to play the roulette, you will discover just how much fun a person can have on a rotating table.  The game is made up of a wheel with numbers 1 to 36 but there are variants with 0 and 00.  What a player does is guess which number the ball will settle on.  The game has endless betting opportunities and the payouts are often substantial.

Honorable mentions

The above are the top 3 casino games in the US, but there are other great and popular table games you will love as well.  The most notable are Baccarat, Pai Gow Poker, Pai Gow Tiles and Three Card Poker and Six Card Bonus.

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