Is It Possible to Count Cards at Blackjack Table

There are so many legends and stories regarding counting cards at blackjack table. Most players who have mastered it boast of having experiencing great success when playing the game at land based casinos. Based on this, most online players are wondering if counting cards at online blackjack table is possible or not. With internet based casinos, you are assured that there is no staff at the casino that is going to show you the door if you manage to count the cards successfully, so you must be protected somehow. But at the same time, how to count cards when the deck is re-shuffled all the time?

In the traditional land based casinos, counting of the cards is mostly centered on the determination of the cards which are still in the shoe through remembering and counting cards which have left game. To the card counters, this information is very important. It gives them an idea of the probable value of dealer’s hole card and cards which will be dealt in following game round. Just the way you can watch the casino dealer in the land based establishments, it is possible for the player to watch dealer’s move and keep in mind how many 10-valued cards have been dealt. However, when it comes to online blackjack casino game, all the shuffling is done by the software; you can’t actually see the process of shuffling. To make things even much worse, shuffling of the deck in the virtual platform is done after each game round. What this means is that online players really have no chance of getting deck penetration as such. As it had been said, counting cards at an online blackjack table is simply impossible though it could be the best strategy to win blackjack.

Other Ways to Win at Blackjack

Considering that counting cards in online blackjack table is impossible, some players keep wondering whether there is a way they can possibly win playing the virtual version of blackjack table. However, the answer to this question simply lies in the number of bonuses which are offered for playing this game. The generosity of online bonuses varies from one casino to another. William Hill online gambling is famous for offering their players significant bonuses in order to make their game experience more pleasant. Bonuses enable you to overcome the house edge using the extra bonus money obtained without risking all your deposit. As such, you should take advantage of all the promotion programs given by online casinos especially bonuses in order to better your chances of striking a win.

The traditional brick and mortar casinos try make it impossible to count cards at blackjack table. Actually, counting of cards is not illegal but the casino authorities try to make it one of the strongest violations of the casino rules like cheating. But you should know that you only can break casino and gambling rules if you use some electronic or other devices which improve your chances of winning. Your game knowledge is not such a device. Still, casinos will do anything possible to protect their house edge. However, in some places like Atlantic City, you will not be banned for counting cards and it is considered to be a part of professional blackjack game.

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