Soft Hands Strategy

Soft hands are referred to be the hands where an Ace can be valued as eleven. Thus if you were dealing with the card value 6 then you actually own one soft hand 17.Every hand has a different technique to play, if you were thinking of draw that will make you over twenty one and thus you could count is as:

  1. Stand - Stand is not to be used if you own soft 17 else lesser value.
  2. Hit - It will be discussed later.
  3. Doubles Down - It actually signifies the situation when you receive a card and double your gamble.

The evaluation of a game is made by the dealers up card. We will comprehensively see into every scenario.

Dealer has 5 or the value of 6

The situation demands of double down from 13 through 18. Chances of you getting a better card are less but the probability of dealer busting is more.

Dealer has 3 or value of 4

"Rule of nine" is to be followed for such scenarios. The rule suggests that the dealers up card will be adding up to your cards and if total comes to 9 or greater then you must double down. However if it is less then you must follow a hit. For an instance, if you own soft hand 17 with Ace 6 and the dealer comes up with 3, the sum of it will be 9 and you must double down. Do not double if you owna soft nineteen or soft 20, where you must stand. In instance when you have soft 15 and the dealer comes up with 4, make sure you hit.

Dealer has 2

In such a situation, you must hit on all the hands which are soft twelve via soft 18.Doubling down must not be followed as the potential of dealer busting is fairly less.

Dealer has 7

In such a situation, you must hit soft twelve via soft seventeen. if not followed the hand will turn more worse and thus stands on soft eighteen via soft 20.

Dealer has 8

Make a hit on every value soft 12 to soft 17.However if you own soft 18 stand and wish for the push. Soft nineteen & soft 20 must also be stand.

Dealer has 9, ten or Ace

In such a situation, all the hands must be hit whether soft 12, soft 17, soft 18, only exception which seeks stand is soft nineteen or soft 20.

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